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What is Palmetto Duo?

Palmetto Duo is a collaboration between two professional photographers, Katie Hart & Dave Gilbert, to bring the most complete wedding day coverage to our brides. While we both photograph weddings alone, we have realized by pairing our two styles and
photographic visions we're able to paint a more complete, even more beautiful story of your wedding day through working together as a team.  Over the years, we have also included other professional photographers to our team to create the best photographic duo to fit your wedding day!

What is the benefit of having two photographers?

Two perspectives- With a coordinated photography team, one photographer can be with the ladies as they get ready before the wedding and one can work with the gentlemen. One photographer can record the moments between a bride and her father before they enter the church, while the other captures the look of anticipation on the groom's face as he awaits his bride. The possibilities are endless!

Two unique styles- Photographers each have their own styles and see things in different ways.
While one photographer can focus on creating fun photos of the highlights of the wedding, the
other can focus on the quieter candid moments, like a mother watching her daughter dance
with her dad. By mixing both our candid & photojournalistic, fun & romantic styles we can
capture all the moments of your wedding day with efficiency, variety and fun!

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